Pancake Perseverance

Without going into too much detail with my pancake disasters in the past, let’s just say that they are nearly always too thin, too flaky, stick to the pan, burn on the outside while remaining gooey on the inside, etc. etc. I have been torn down, crumpled up, and thrown away by my earnest attempts at healthy pancakes.


Well, if you are now invested, sharing a smidgen of concern for my self confidence and mental wellbeing, you will be thrilled to find out I have finally become acquainted with a recipe that does not build my hopes up only to destroy me when it comes time to flip the batter. It actually came from a dear friend of mine who I owe my my redeemed sense of self esteem to. If you’re not utterly bored by this introduction, scroll down for the magical recipe I like to call Pancake Perseverance 🙂



1.5-2 bananas

2 whole eggs (have yet to experiment with egg whites, coming soon)

½ cup – 1 cup of oats



Honey or stevia to taste

Optional: apples (in the photo I used ½ an apple chopped up)



Mash everything except the add ins together

Add the apples and stir

Head nonstick (important) skillet to medium heat with a dash of coconut oil

Sprinkle on the batter into the shape of your liking

Cook until you feel satisfied inside

Flip and serve!

Most importantly, enjoy and have fun with it! And eat mindfully! (More on this later)

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