Instagram has been trying to get me to go to this little joint for awhile now. At first I was skeptical, one because it was sketchy how they knew my love for bougie-hipster-vegan-colorful brunch places that serve food on a wooden cutting board, and two because the photos I had seen online looked too good to be true.

I was again reminded that there is no such thing as “too good to be true” in Copenhagen. Not only did I stumble upon a gorgeous cemetery with lucious gardens and chirping birds on the way (Assistens Cemetery), but when I arrived at the restaurant tucked away on a pleasant little side street in Nørrebro, the aesthetic was so pleasing I almost turned around and walked out.

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Me in Assistens Cemetery

I met my friend at the cute, rustic little cafe and we both decided on the Vegan Brunch, which was a hefty $26 each (165 kr) for two college students. But I knew that I had to invest, if I went didn’t go all out I would regret it and end up going back, only to spend twice as much. I had seen the pictures taken by other foodies and I knew the risk would be worth it.

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And it was. It would have been worth it even if we had not ingested it. The most interesting was the chickpea waffle, more savory than expected but perfectly crispy and hot. The hummus was a deligtfully dense consistency, the beetroot pesto paired perfectly with the rye bread, and the fig compote completed me. The crackers made of seeds were so buttery they crumbled in your hands, and the chia porridge was thick, nutty, and a beautiful purple hue. My one complaint is that the avocado could have been a bit more doctored up with salt and pepper, and the acai bowl would have tasted better if it were cold. However, that may have been my fault as I saved it for last my friend and I took about 45 minutes to eat what we could on the plate. Despite eating so slowly though, we left the restaurant the perfect level of full, which fueled us for a glorious bike ride the rest of the afternoon for some shopping on Jægersborggade and a stroll in Frederiksberg Gardens. I know I will be back here someday, and you should as well! Below is the description on the website.


The Vegan breakfast plate

Mint and ginger marinated fruits. Half an avocado served w/ salt and pepper, and a salad of the day with green herbs. Chickpea waffle with homemade hummus, beetroot pesto and homemade “tuna” mousse made from seaweed.Freshly baked bread with fig compote. Homemade raspberry chia porridge, served fresh berries and almonds. Acai bowl with fruit, nuts, and pollen


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